iTranslate Voice 3.0 for iOS brings Phasebook features and new app localizations

iTranslate Voice is a popular and powerful utility that allows to translate over 40 languages on the fly without any typing involved. You can also communicate with other people directly simply by connecting to their devices via AirTranslate.


iTranslate Voice 3.0 for iOS has just been released and it brings several big features and improvements:

Phrasebook allows you to save frequently used phrases and quickly access them to translate into your current target language. Simply by tapping on the phases you saved, you will be able to translate to other languages as you wish.

For Android users, you will need to unlock this feature from In-App Purchase of $1.89.


Per the developer, this feature has been especially requested by feedback from doctors who often use iTranslate Voice to speak to patients and need to ask similar questions in many languages. This could be also useful for travelers that may also have some frequently asked questions and phases to use. These phases are all synced with iCloud automatically so users will never need to worry about losing them from their devices.

17 New App Localization for iOS
In addition to the 5 existing localization (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian), version 3.0 adds Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Japanese, Portuguese, Korean, Russian, Dutch, Turkish, Swedish, Finnish, Greek, Danish, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malay, Thai and Norwegian Bokmål

Here is the video showcasing the new versions of iTranslate Voice:

You can now download iTranslate Voice 3.0 on the App Store for $4.99.


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