Some tips to help you get ready for the Apple Watch

If you followed my posts from the very beginning, you knew I am a Pebble owner. I use it every day and I really love it for its functionality and convenience provided with me. I also shared my thoughts on the Apple Watch before the Spring Forward Event, and also after the event and Pebble Time’s release. But after I saw the news regarding tons of apps being updated for Apple Watch, I immediately feel that I need it as the Pebble can no longer fulfill my needs.


The major reason is that, because it can be much more powerful that I expect in the previous month, and it can benefit a lot and bring more convenience in my life and workflow. Extending from this point, I do see a bright future that developers tend to work on Apple Watch Apps in future, given that there are a large base of customers and hence a large room of revenue opportunities.

So now, we have less than a week before the pre-order starts. Here I would like to share with you how you may consider getting an Apple Watch and how you can get ready for it. In case of I missed any important points, please let me know so that I can enrich this post. Certainly, I will give a credit for your here in this post.


Think twice before making a decision
There are a number of factors that you should consider before making a decision to pre-order or purchase an Apple Watch straightly. Certainly, the 2-weeks return policy may still be available (maybe only limited to less customized versions) that allows you to try out. But I still suggest you to think of the following points, that I can think of so far but not limited to:

  1. You real need of a smartwatch: Nice to have? How will it improve your life?
  2. Maybe you only need a fitness tracker with date, time and simple notifications?
  3. Price of entry: Are you going to spend $349 or more for an iPhone companion smartwatch?
  4. Alternatives: Pebble? Android Wear (most likely with limited functionality support)?
  5. First-generation product: Are you an early adopter and willing to take risk?
  6. Cross-platform support: If you need a smartwatch to work on both iOS and Android…
  7. What to do with your existing wearables, say Pebble, Fitbit…?
  8. If you are a iPhone 3GS/4/4S user, you need to upgrade your iPhone first…


You are highly recommended to read more on technology blogs or Apple’s official website on what an Apple Watch is, its specifications, what kind of functionality it offers, what apps are or will be supported, etc. You can also visit Apple’s website and check out some of the guided tours to let you understand more about this new device. Here is one of the video clips from Apple providing you with a guided tour to the Apple Watch:

If you think you are good to go, here are some of the preparation work that you may consider doing (some may be a must) before cashing in for your order:

Download the Apple Store App
This is the first thing I did, or say I recommend doing. Certainly, this would be one of the few channels that you can make your pre-order. Also, you can check out all product information, such as color options, price, model, etc. More importantly, you can:

  1. Pick your favorite model by tapping on the little heart icon on the top right hand corner of the model you are viewing. This largely reduces the time for you to look for the model you want and place order, as it may go crazy by the time
  2. Check the actual size of the 38MM and 42MM watch face (I used to compare with Pebble)
  3. Check the exact pre-order date and time (for your timezone). Mark it down on Calendar, set alarm or reminder.


Do some measurement work
This is definitely essential, just like when you want to buy a ring from a jewellery store. Maybe the Apple Store Specialists will be carrying measuring reel or something similar around. But no guarantee. So I suggest you do the measurement on your wrist by yourself at home so you know which Watch size and length of wristband that fit you the best. Worth checking out the Apple Watch Sizing Guide for best reference.

apple watch measure sizing guide

Input payment and shipping information into your iTunes account
Needless to explain, this is common sense if you want to pre-order quickly and successfully. It definitely saves much time when placing the order. Double check it now to make sure they are correct.

Consider getting Apple Care+ for your Apple Watch
The Apple Care+ starts from $59 for cheapest Sports edition. I do recommend getting it as there won’t be a protective case like an iPhone (even if so, it will make the watch look ugly). And you are going to wear it basically every day. Apple Care+ is definitely worth it in case of any accident happens (touch-wood).

Apple care+

Make reservation to try the Watch or for walk-in purchase
There are many blogs reported on this, such as Apple Insider, MacRumors and 9to5Mac that I don’t want to go into much detail. If you don’t want to queue for what you want, better make a reservation in advance. It will start on 10 April as well.

Apple Watch reservation

Good internet connection required for pre-ordering
This is a little thing that you should not forget as always. Ff you plan to order online via the Apple Store App, make sure you find a place with good data reception so you will go mad with the phone. But if you order on the web, make sure the browser works fine, internet connection is fast, and your F5 button or “Command R” works well. Of course, login in advance and clicking fast are also crucial to secure your order.

While you are waiting for the shipment to arrive, or before you start using the Apple Watch:

Upgrade your iPhone to iOS 8.2 or above
Apple bundled the Apple Watch iOS companion app in iOS 8.2. So it is a must to upgrade to this version of iOS for you to get the Watch working with your iPhone. If you are already on iOS 8.2 or iOS 8.3 beta, you are good with the Apple Watch App. If not, or maybe your phone is jailbroken, it is a headache but you have to choose one between the two.


Upgrade or download apps you want to use on Apple Watch
This is very straight forward. You can check out iDownloadBlog and 9to5Mac for updated list of apps that work with the Apple Apps.

Look for some accessories
There have already been a number of accessories out there and possibly already started pre-ordering too. Here is a list of them that worth checking out. I personally like Griffin WatchStand very much. It looks super stylish and appealing to me and I really look forward to reviewing this amazing product.


In case you found me missed anything that you can think of, please let me know.


Anyway, I have planned to get the Apple Watch Sport 42mm Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sport Band. Now I am super exciting and can’t wait to place my order now! Which edition of Apple Watch are you getting? Let me know in the poll below.


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