Gmail for Android gets unified inbox, finally

The latest update of Gmail for Android brought several changes and improvements to the app. One of the biggest change is they finally implemented the long-awaited unified inbox feature for all email accounts. Not only can you check your multiple Gmail accounts in “All Inboxes” view, but also view other POP/IMAP emails such as Yahoo and Hotmail, or Microsoft Exchange mail. Switching between accounts has become easier and faster in this update. You can also quickly read emails and write replies without having to switch between your accounts.

Before this, you can only use third-party email apps like Mailbox App by Dropbox. It is also very easy to login and switch between email accounts. But you can’t do too much on emails except getting Inbox Zero. People who are very keen on managing emails with tags, like myself, will need to go to Gmail again to do so, which is not very efficient. Now, we can all stick with the Gmail App for best experience and efficiency.


Here is the full change log for Google Gmail for Android. For full details, you can visit the Official Gmail Blog.

– Check and send email from Yahoo Mail, and all other email accounts right from the Gmail app.
– Improved tablet layout that includes faster switching between inbox categories and accounts.
– Additional improvements if you’re using Android Lollipop, like hiding sensitive lockscreen notifications.


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  1. Dan says:

    Hi Superphen nice blog nice info here. I especially like your video on how to get the apple watch to work with only wifi. Thats how i got to know of your blog in the first place . Now back to this article, I seem to have a problem with the Gmail android app I keep getting this prompt after a while of usage ‘couldn’t sign in’ on my yahoo emails which i connected to my Gmail android app. However with the normal yahoo mail android app everything works perfectly. Have you ever experienced this, is there a fix? Btw i connected my yahoo mail to the gmail android app so i could reply to yahoo emails on the android wear watch since there is no other way to add a reply to yahoo mails

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Stephen Chan says:

      Hi Dan, thanks for coming and reading! Unfortunately I don’t really use my Yahoo email anymore except receiving some notifications from some vendors. And I use iOS Mail to manage all these…So I cannot duplicate the problem easily here.

      I use my GMail account to manage all my email archives of various email accounts (as I set up email forwarding function for all the other accounts to GMail) which I think is is a more efficient way to do… Not sure if that works for you too


      1. dan says:

        Thanks so much for the reply. Email forwarding you stated sounds efficient enough I would like to try that. Do you have a particular way to setting it up correctly ?


      2. Stephen Chan says:

        For yahoo mail, here’s the instruction on how to setup with auto-forwarding:

        hoppe it helps!


      3. Dan says:

        Thanks so much. I finally set it up and it works like a charm.

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