Track your sleep patterns with these apps

A while ago we talked about some apps that could possibly help you to get asleep. So how do you know if you actually sleep faster and better? Here are a quick summary of great apps that I have used and could help you track how your sleep pattern looks like.

Sleep Cycle alarm clock [iOS $0.99; Android $1.99]
Sleep Cycle alarm clock is the top-selling sleep tracking app available in the market.

Frankly speaking, this my go-to app for sleep tracking and I use this app every night. It tracks my sleep patterns and wakes me up during the lightest sleep phase by using the phone’s accelerometer to identify sleep phases by tracking movements in bed, that helps me feel like waking up naturally. It works almost all the time except when I slept very little (like 2-3 hours), I still feel unnatural. But that’s really normal to feel like that. It could be better to use their another app called Power Nap [iOS, $1.99].

There are tons of information and settings you can find in the app. Data-wise you can see the graph of your sleep patterns, sleep quality, length, etc. In terms of setting, you can also set alarm and snooze behaviors, sleep aids, wake up phase, and many.

With a price tag of $1.99 only, this is definitely the best choice for everyone who cares about their sleep quality.

Sleep Cycle iOS

Here are the official list of the main feature of Sleep Cycle alarm clock

– Waking up made easy! Sleep Cycle analyzes your sleep and wakes you in your lightest sleep phase.
– Detailed sleep statistics and sleep graphs for every night.
– 15 carefully selected, high quality, alarm melodies.
– Use iPod music as wake up sound
– Snooze by shaking or tapping the phone lightly.
– Customizable wake up window. From instant (regular alarm clock) up to 90 minutes.
– Background mode – set your alarm and exit Sleep Cycle – sleep analysis will continue in the background
– Sleep aid – helps you fall asleep. The intelligent mode detects when you fall asleep and automatically fades the sleep aid sound.
– Support for the M7 and M8 co-processor – measure your daily physical activity and calculate how it affects your Sleep quality
– Health app – fully integrated with the Health app introduced in iOS8. Submits sleep analysis and heart rate. Downloads other data such as fitness information to be considered in your nightly Sleep Quality
– Adaptive design – ready for all screen sizes
– Heart rate monitor – measure your resting heart rate (RHR) every morning using the camera and flash in your device
– Philips HUE light bulb support – simulate a natural sunrise to give you an even softer wake-up
– Sleep notes – see how events such as drinking coffee, eating too much or having a stressful day affect your sleep quality
– Long term graphs – track sleep quality over time, see which days of the week you sleep best and much more
– Export sleep data to Excel for detailed analysis

There are a couple of decent apps for sleep tracking

Pillow [iOS, Free with IAP $4.99 to unlock premium feature
Pillow is an advanced and robust sleep tracking alarm clock that can effortlessly measure and track your sleep quality, improve the way you wake up and help you learn more about sleep and new ways to improve it. Just place your device next to you on the bed while you sleep.

Pillow iOS

There are tons of features, data, settings and alarm music that you can play around with. One of the flagship features is sound recording. The app records sounds during your sleep with smart audio recording algorithm that can discards noise. With premium feature unlocked, you can play, export or delete the recording. It could be helpful when you snooze a lot and find out if you really sleep restlessly during the night. This feature may drain a bit more on the battery so make sure you charge your phone before using this app in bed.

Pillow is also compatible with iPad which is a nice to have. And if you don’t want to cash in right away, this freemium app worths trying out.

Sleep Better by Runtastic [Freemium on iOS and Android]
For those who train with Runtastic and use their app to track your runs, you won’t be new to this developer.

Runtastic also released their sleep tracking app in 2014 that offers users a simple and engaging way to improve your sleep behaviors. You can easily input your daytime activities, such as caffeine and alcohol consumption, workout habits and daily stress levels, by tapping on the icons on the app interface before you sleep and understand how it could influence your sleep efficiency. You can also add your dream note after you wake up!

Sleep better

Some functions & benefits are limited in the free version of Sleep Better. To access all benefits, users are encouraged to take advantage of the Sleep Better in-app purchase. But the app is very intuitive to use. Developed by Runtastic’s health expertise, it definitely won’t go wrong with the performance and accuracy.

A final note is that, for iPhone users, all these three apps are fully integrated with HealthKit, that supports exporting the data right away to the iOS Health App. This helps provide you with the ability to access and view all of your health and fitness data on one comprehensive dashboard. You can do this by setting up when you firstly launched the apps and enable the dashboard in the Health App to see the time in bed records.

Hope you find the information useful and get the best app to track your sleep that may help you find a way to sleep better along the way.


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