Evernote for iOS updated with new Auto Mode camera and Apple Watch functionality

Last week we see a bunch of productivity apps got their updates for Apple Watch, including Evernote. Today, this the worldwide popular productivity app has been refreshed again in the App Store with new features and various improvements.

You can now use the Evernote camera to capture documents and business cards like many other scanner apps can do, such as Scanbot that we just talked about yesterday. With a high contrast background and while the app turns on the camera flashlight temporality, the camera will automatically detect the document and capture it when the image is still and stable enough. Followed by that you can crop and/or rotate, and choose the category of the image you have just taken. Despite that the major shortfall is lack of basic OCR functionality, if you demand less from a single snapshot of a document, or simply a receipt, this comes with a very handy manner and you need not to go anywhere else to link it back to your Evernote account.


For business card scanning, it is a Premium feature to create contacts and connect on LinkedIn. Definitely check this out if you need this for business purposes. (I am not going to use up my credits to enable premium feature just because of this review…I will let you explore by yourself)

For Apple Watch part, we can yet test it out without the physical gadget. Check out the description below and let’s anticipate how great it will be when we try out on the Watch.


For other changes, you can refer to the full log below:

Highlights for Evernote Version 7.7

New Camera functionality
– Auto-capture: Point the camera at docs, whiteboards, and business cards
– Business cards: Connect to LinkedIn to get more info when scanning cards
– Review, crop, and rotate images before saving

Evernote for Apple Watch
– Dictate notes into Apple Watch and they’ll be transcribed and synced to Evernote
– See recently created, updated, and viewed notes
– Dictate searches and see results on your Apple Watch
– Create reminders and get notified about items due today

More improvements
– Suggested notes in Today widget
– Mark reminder notifications as complete or snooze the reminder for an hour
– Start a work chat from the home screen
– Numerous bug fixes and improvements

Evernote is a free app the “get” on the App Store.

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