OneHandWizard demonstrates how Reachability should have been designed

Reachability is definitely one of the flagship features of iOS 8 designed for bigger iPhones. However, it is merely useful in the sense that it only lower the screen so that you can reach the top half of it. Yet, it is still clumsy to reach the top right hand corner with the left thumb.


With iOS 8 jailbreak, there have been quite a number of tweaks that aim at utilizing the real estate of the empty space when we invoke Reachability view, such as ReachApp that allows user to enjoy real multi-tasking between 2 apps; WidgetCenter that puts customizable widgets into the Reachability view; etc.


But, yet, making it useful like this seems to be straying from what we actually need from it – reach the entire screen with one hand. Now OneHandWizard drops and address this need.

OneHandWizard is a newly released jailbreak tweak, designed for iPhone on iOS 8, let you now fully enjoy your iPhone in one hand mode with the following functionality:

– Full one-handed use by simply double tapping the home button ( triple press on iPhone 5/5c)
– Resize one hand mode to fit your actual thumb reach
– Left and right hand mode with simple edge drag
– Volume, mute and other controls in one hand mode
– Take screenshots in one hand mode
– Stay in one hand mode as long as needed as opposed to Iphone’s reachability which auto forces you out of one hand mode
– Endless activation methods thanks to Activator
– We are the only one hand solution for the lock screen allowing you comfortable usage

Let’s look at it in real action. When you activate the one-hand mode with Reachability gesture on the home button, the effect of the tweak you see really looks like Tiny Screen Mode on Samsung Galaxy Note series, as shown below:


Your entire iPhone screen shrinks to a resizable one, in which you can swipe on left or right side of the smaller screen to easily switch between right or left hand mode.


Additionally, you can easily reach the menu button that allows you to do so many things you need to reach various physical buttons or settings. From the menu, you can adjust the volume, pull down Notification Center, lock the device, and even take screenshots that you can basically never do it with one hand. Notably, when taking screenshot from the menu, the screen size will return to normal and the actual screen is being captured as what you normally see.


What if you are a iPhone 5 user? Well, you can also use its functionality by invoking with an Activator action. You can customize this in the settings panel of the tweak.

Overall speaking, as I mentioned on Reddit, OneHandWizard is definitely one of the best and must-have jailbreak tweak for iPhones at all time. It is super smooth, no incompatibility issue, more importantly, it does far better than what Apple provides with us, which I believe it shows how the Reachability view should have been designed.

This also makes me refuse to lose my jailbreak as I will lose this super practical feature. With a price tag of $3.99, looks steep but definitely worth every cent. Head over to Cydia’s BigBoss Repo now, purchase, install, and use it now. Also check out the great review video on OneHandWizard from iDownloadBlog below:

Let me know what you think in the comments section.

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