Pangu Team to hold Mobile Security Conference in Shanghai on 5 June

The Mobile Security Summit organized by the TaiG jailbreak team was successfully held on 27th March. The only disappointment is that there wasn’t any jailbreak release on that day despite of much speculations and expectations.

The other Chinese hacker team, Pangu jailbreak team has just announced about an hour ago that they are going to co-host a full-day Mobile Security Conference (MOSEC) in Shanghai with POC from South Korea:

MOSEC (Mobile Security Conference) is co-hosted by the Pangu Team and the organizer of POC. The first MOSEC conference will be held in Shanghai, China. MOSEC will invite distinguished security professionals and researchers to present frontier research on security of mobile devices.

The Pangu Team consists of several senior security researchers and has focused on iOS security. The Pangu Team successively released untethered jailbreak tools for iOS 7.1.x and iOS 8.0-8.1 in 2014 and was the first to jailbreak iOS 8.

POC, the biggest hacker conference in South Korea, is highly reputable in Asia and in the world. The POC 2015 will mark the 10th anniversary of this great conference.

According to the post on their official Weibo account, the conference will discuss not only on iOS but also Android and Windows. At this moment, they have already got several important technical topics to be presented by some top security experts in the conference.

As expected, there is no word about iOS jailbreak releases in specific as there is still 2 months to go from now. But as per the lesson we have learn from the MSS, there should not be high expectation on this matter, at least at this moment. Unless there is a major release of iOS firmware to be expected around that time frame, speculations can easily come up from everywhere.

For full details of MOSEC, you can visit the official English site and the registration starts from today.

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