38mm Apple Watch battery performance: A full day log

Followed by my previous post on 3 days experience with the Apple Watch, I want to do it again with detailed log on the interaction I had with the watch throughout a normal working day. I have the following settings that may differ from yours: Normal brightness level Muted Activate on Wrist Rise turned on…

This is how the Apple Watch on a watchstand looks like, in reality

About a couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about Apple Watch accessories. One of the top rated comments that I have on Reddit from /u/IndomitableBanana is that the promotional images for the watchstands all look attractive and function. Certainly, this is part of marketing to be appealing to potential customers. Today, I received…

Redditor is one of the best Reddit clients for Apple Watch

If you are looking for a Reddit client on the Apple Watch, Redditor is one of the best out there yet in the App Store. By logging in your Reddit account on the iOS app, you can view up to 25 top hot Front Page Post of your account from the Redditor Apple Watch App….

Unboxing and 3 days with Apple Watch Sport

Finally I can sit down in front of my MacBook Pro and start typing. Many have shared their impression on Apple Watch that they received on last Friday. I was a bit unfortunate to have it shipped on Friday evening local time and picked up by myself at the courier customer center in early Saturday…

Top posts of the week [4/20-4/26]

This week is all about jailbreak and the Apple Watch! As usual, every week we present to you a recap of weekly top posts on this blog. Here are the top 5 from 20th to 26th April worth checking out in case you missed any of them: Alleged iOS 8.2/8.3 jailbreak shown in video  Heg1ra…

Thermo Diem tells you how it feels outside right on your wrist

Thermo Diem is a super minimalistic weather app for the Apple Watch that will show you how it feels outside compared to 24 hours ago. It compares today’s feels-like temperature powered by Forecast.io, taking into account the relative humidity, wind, dew points, and temperature with scientific formula, and compares it to how it felt yesterday….

You can glance through your Cheatsheet right on your wrist

Cheatsheet is a very handy app with widget, extensions and hint icons to help you remember little things. It is already very nice to have the Today widget implemented that you can do this without unlocking the phone. But wouldn’t it be better if you can manage and read the cheats right on your wrist?…

Authentic Weather is probably the most honest weather app for Apple Watch

Authentic Weather is said to be probably the most human and honest weather app among all. It tells you the weather with “what it really thinks” in an interesting, “refreshing” manner with “surprise” at all time. In the reason update Version 3.6, Apple Watch users can have this funny weather app on their wrist soon….

Heg1ra jailbreak has been proven to be fake

Again, the so-called Heg1ra jailbreak, that created some sort of hype over Twitter, has admitted that they are actually fake, like many others that we have seen recently. Well, never lose hope to a possible jailbreak! A new jailbreak team called Heg1ra came up last night from Hong Kong that claimed to have a workable…

Perform calculations on Apple Watch with Calcbot

Calcbot, namely the best integrated app for calculator and unit converter, has pushed an update version 2.1 to the App Store that brings support for Apple Watch, right on time ahead of the launch day. You can perform basic calculations and conversions in the App. You can also calculate tips and split bills from there….