WA Earlier Messages lets you load up 100 pages of WhatsApp conversations with a single tap

Have you ever come across the occasion that you want to look for a specific WhatsApp message from a conversation? Even it may be popping up quickly in your mind but often not the case in WhatsApp, that you much have clicked countless times on the “Load Earlier Messages” button. It is indeed a super painful process.

But with this simple jailbreak tweak, you can load up a truckload amount of message histories with a single tap.

WA Earlier Messages is a new jailbreak tweak by developer Ibrahim Sammour that allows you to configure how many pages of WhatsApp conversation history to be loaded up in one single tap.


You can go into Settings and look for the tweak’s settings panel. Within the panel, you will find a kill switch and also a slider, which is the core element to adjust the number of pages to load up. It is ranged from 1 to 100 (that’s really a lot!)

Certainly you have to enable the tweak to make it work. After adjustments, make sure you kill off WhatsApp and relaunch it. Now there you have it.

Whenever you tap on the “Load Earlier Messages”, there will be a pop up messages asking you if you want to load “Once” (i.e. one page) or “All” (i.e. the number of pages that you have set). Super easy to save numerous clicks down to a couple of them.

In terms of compatibility, I didn’t find any lag or crash so far. It is also compatible with WhatsApp++. Definitely check it out if you are a WhatsApp user.

WA Earlier Messages is already available on Cydia’s BigBoss Repo for free.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Alan F Smith says:

    Is there something like this for WhatsApp Web?? Please tell me there is! 🙂


    1. Stephen Chan says:

      Not aware of anything like this


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