[Expired] Run 5K PRO! Ready Training Plan, GPS Track & Running Tips by Red Rock Apps [iOS, $4.99 -> FREE]

Run 5K Pro! aims at helping users to be able to run a 5K as soon as in 7 weeks. The training’s intensity increases as the progress and the workout gradually advances. Users just need to do 30 minutes of interval training 3 times a week in order to achieve the goal.


The App has the following features:

– Effective training plan from the best coaches
– GPS map saved for each training session
– Calorie counting
– Manual editing of workouts
– Real-time stats of your pace, distance, time and other parameters
– Audio cues during all workouts to keep you focused
– Listening and managing your favorite music from the app
– Motivating tips on running with each training session
– Sharing results with Facebook & Twitter friends
– Inspiring quotes keep you motivated while running
– Synchronization of your stats & logs with an upgrade from the free version
– Integration with Runkeeper, Fitbit, MapMyRun – your activities are automatically synchronized with these networks
– Synchronization with Apple Health app.

Download Run 5K PRO from the App Store today for Free now. For Android users, you can down a similar app also from Red Rock Apps on the Google Play Store for only $0.99.


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