Call and add contacts from Notification Center with Addial

Addial used to be a popular jailbreak tweak by developer Raviraj Minawala (aka ravirajm) back in the days of iOS 6 when Notification Center was introduced. It is actually still available on Cydia’s ModMyi Repo for free. Unless you are still using this obsoleted OS, here is the more modern one you should get for your phone.

Addial for iOS allows you to do more than it can in the old days. You can add a widget easily to your Today View by going to the Notification Center settings. Now you can do the followings from there:

– Dial phone number and make a outbound call
– Invoke Add Contacts sheet and save a phone number to your contacts
– Compose SMS/iMessages to a phone number (redirect to Messages App)
– Copy a dialed phone number to the clipboard


It is also notable to check out the app itself where you can perform the same actions as you can do from the widget provided (except sending messages), as well as sending a feedback on Twitter or via email to the developer by tapping on the Contact or Compose icon near the top right hand corner.


As you may know that there are a number of jailbreak tweaks that are actually having these features, in a standalone but more robust way, without any restriction from Apple, such as CallBar and Couria (as showcase below), that you can invoke by an Activator gesture.
But if you iPhone is not jailbroken and want to keep it simple, I believe Addial would be the best alternative for you to enjoy such convenience.


You can now get Addial for only $0.99 on the App Store.

P.S. Big shoutout to Raviraj for gifting a redeem code for the app!

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