Say hello to Layout, Instagram’s collage app


Today is a big day for Instagram to step further into Photography app category. Earlier today, they announced Layout, a collage app that allows users to combine multiple photos into a single image. I think if you have been using a smartphone to take pictures, you know what it is. But there is more than that.

When you first launch Layout, there will be a short introduction to guide you through the major flagship features that the app empowers you to do with you pictures. After that, you will enter the main interface where you can pick photos for collage with previews of customs layouts on the top. You can choose among ten-ish layouts and select one that presents your photos in the best way.


After picking the layout, you can further adjust and customize the collage, including drag-and-drop the photos to relayout the photos you picked, flip or “mirror” a particular photo, and also replace any one of them if you think there is a better one.

One unique feature here is the Faces tab. It filters the photos in your Camera Roll and shows only those with people. This is a very useful feature especially when you want to fill out the collage with selfies of smiley faces that you take with your friends.


There is also a “Photo Booth” button that lets you capture more spontaneous moments from the front facing camera. When you tap the blue button at the bottom, the app will start counting down series of photos (4 in total) and you will see them appear instantly in a layout and work on it.

All in all, here are the app’s features officially listed:

– Re-mix up to 9 of your photos at a time to create fun, personalized layouts.
– Use the Faces tab to quickly find photos with people in them.
– Capture the moment in Photo Booth mode with quick, spontaneous shots.
– Save your layouts to your camera roll and share them seamlessly to Instagram or other networks.
– Easily see the last 30 photos you’ve selected in the Recents tab.
– Pair your layouts with Instagram’s filters and creative tools afterwards to make them stand out even more.
– Download and start creating immediately. No signup or account required—and no clutter breaking up your flow.

The app is super smooth and intuitive to use. It is a quality work from Instagram as they enhance their official app from time to time. Certainly, it is no competition with the collage apps out there on the App Store that are able to offer tons of layouts, frames, filters, stickers, fonts, etc. But if you want something simple but intelligent, Layout will get the job done perfectly, for free. And I do look forward to more features adding to the 1.0 release in the future.

Head over to the Apps Store now and download Layout from Instagram for free.

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