CARROT Weather: Snarky but humorous daily forecast

To be honest, I am not a super fan of CARROT apps like its family of To-do, Alarm and Fitness apps (despite of ownership on them), because I am always insulted to be lazy in the robot’s eye. Well, they are just not my go-to app or daily driver. I just open them occasionally for fun, but welcomed with a sad and angry face. That’s not a bad thing, I mean, if you are really utilizing the app to manage your busy schedule or training agenda, that’s motivating, with some sort of pressure from the apps. Besides get things done, we still need some fun, right?

Today, a new member joined the family – the CARROT Weather. It has already reached the top of the list under Weather app category within a day and also being featured in the App Store Best New Apps for the week.

Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 3.17.46 pm

At first launch, you will be asked to either enable location service and give permission to acquire your current location, or you can pick a city of your preference.


CARROT Weather is said to be an “eerily” accurate weather app that delivers hilariously twisted forecasts. The app uses data from, an extremely accurate popular weather data and source. The app will give you quick access to 24-hour and 7-day forecasts. You can tap on the mini forecast widget near the bottom of the screen, or swipe up for a detailed daily forecast view with even more meteorological information like humidity, pressure, visibility, sunrise/sunset time and moon status. It also provides rain and snow prediction right down to the minute, which is powered by famous Dark Sky wizardry. But the feature is only available in the US, UK, Ireland, and parts of Canada.


CARROT Weather also comes with a nice Notification Center widget. The widget presents user with a four-day forecast and current weather conditions with a funny description, which changes almost every time you invoke the Notification Center. There are 2 major downside that I am not comfortable with. First, you must have Location Services turned on before the widget can work. Second, when you tap on the widget, it won’t redirect you to the app itself.

But it is decent enough with the weather forecast information provided. I compared with 2 other weather apps’ widgets as you can see from the above screenshot. If you prefer more detailed or professional looking ones, a “traditional” weather app like WeatherPro and AccuWeather could suit you better. But if you simply want to have fun with a more “human & honest” weather app, Authentic Weather is the one for you but it does not give you any much valuable information that you may need to know about the weather such as the temperature. CARROT has got it right with balance.


One of the flagship features is that you can unlock secret amazing locations, such as Apple R&D Labs at Cupertino (which I just unlocked when I write this review), Mount Doom, Nakatomi Plaza, or the Moon and also evil penguins. You will be able to unlock them one by one as you use the app more frequently. This feature is very unique that none of the weather apps in the market is able to bundle in the apps. Certainly, I am not downplaying other apps’ professional features, but getting to know Moon’s temperature is pretty cool.


For you information, here is the official list of app features:

• Beautifully minimalist weather app
•’s super accurate weather data
• Short-term, 24-hour, and 7-day forecasts
• Full support for celsius and metric measurements
• Today view widget with current and extended forecast
• 2,000+ lines of hilarious spoken dialogue
• 100+ animated scenes populated with CARROT’s minions
• Different themes for every possible weather condition
• 21 secret locations

For so much fun I have with this app when checking with the weather, I think definitely worth it and it is a value for money. CARROT Weather – Talking Forecast Robot is now available on App Store with 25% off during launch week which only cost you $2.99.

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