‘Launcher’ is back to the App Store

One of the biggest Apple news for today must be: Launcher with Notification Center Widget (Formerly Launcher – Favorites at your Fingertips) has been back on iOS App Store earlier today with new features and bug fixes, after almost 6 month’s ‘persistence’ since its first version was pulled off from the shelf.

For those who do not know the background story, in short, Apple disallowed the approved Launcher app with functionality to customize the flagship Notification Center widget to launch any app from there, with a ‘simple’ reason that it was a ‘misuse’ of widgets. Despite a fix submitted that could have lost the widget, Apple officially pulled the app front the App Store on 26th of September. For full story, you can visit the developer’s blog here.

Launcher 1

If you are new the Launcher, the major function of the app is to allow users create custom launchers for apps and actions such as, but not limited to:

1. Call, send message, email, FaceTime and WhatsApp (new feature) to a specific contact
2. Open up web sites that you frequently visit and preset in the launcher
3. Perform app-specific actions within supported apps, e.g. loading a specific Facebook page you manage in Facebook App, compose a tweet, etc
4. Directly launch any apps installed on your device
5. Quickly assess frequently used sections in iOS stock Setting’s App

Additionally, here are the bug fixes and improvements listed for version 1.1 of Launcher:

– Fix for issue with adding a new launcher when a row is filled on iPhone 6 Plus.
– Fix for a possible crash when deleting launchers.
– Fix for not being able to choose an email address for FaceTime or Messages launchers.
– Removed the Sponsored Launcher in the free version.
– Removed Sponsored Apps from App List on Pro Version.
– Removed Facebook and Twitter buttons from main view in Pro Version.
– Simplified the layout of the app lists

Launcher 2

You can also pay for In-App Purchase for $3.99 to upgrade to the Pro Version to enable 3 more rows of launchers. You can also customize the size of the widget by changing the size of the icons and/or hiding the labels. This does save a lot of space for your Notification Center especially if you are using a device with 4 inch screen or less which does not give you much real estate for widgets.

Launcher 5

One of the coolest new feature is that you can run a specific Workflows directly from the widget launcher. Simply put in the name of the Workflow that you have set in the Workflow App, create the launcher and there you have it in the NC widget! Of course, if your phone is jailbroken, you have alternative like Profluence (Click for tutorial from iDownloadBlog) that you can assign Activator action to automatically launch a specific Workflow. But if not, Launcher is the only best choice for you to date.

Launcher 4

Definitely check out this app as it can be pulled any time from the App Store again in future (who know?). It is a free download with IAP so it won’t go wrong or broke your bank immediately. I do highly recommend to go for the Pro version for both additional feature and support to the developer that did put a lot of efforts to make things happen again.

Let me know what you think about Launcher in comment section below.

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