How to stop Facebook Auto-play videos from eating your precious cellular data

With growing popularity and influence of social media in our daily lives, we tend use more on its mobile apps for quick check on friend’s recent news on the road, thus consume more data that we used to and expect.

Facebook could be considered the most popular one among those and reports did show that users consume 50% more data before the mobile client launched. This is definitely a headache for those with limited cellular data plans.

There are many elements in Facebook app that require quite a bit of data usage including photo album thumbnails, videos, ads, etc. One of the most data consuming features is auto-play videos. If you want to preserve your precious cellular data, here’s a simple tip for you fix this.

First, open the Facebook App, tap “More” from the menu at the bottom. Scroll to near the bottom in More section and tap “Settings“.


In settings, at the top you can find “Videos and Photos”, tap it and you will e redirected to its settings panel.


By default, Auto-play is enabled. Tap further into it and toggle “Smart Auto-Play” off. Then the option below the toggle will be unlocked. Select “Never Play Videos Automatically“.

And there you! Hope you find this small tip useful! There are more to some in the near future, so make sure you stay tuned.

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