Hello world

This is my first ever post on my own blog. I decided to post here because there might have been tons of ideas and stuff that I cannot post under other’s umbrella. This platform gives me 100% freedom and control of my contents and the time spent on the editorials.


I have also make this site ad-free and free to read and subscribe because I love sharing what I know or think about the tech that I am using or recommend. 


By any chance you browse this site, I hope you can have take away. Feel free to comment your thoughts. Feel free to suggest anything you want me to talk about.



5 Comments Add yours

  1. Me ha encantado tu texto. Hace al menos 4 años
    que sufro lo mismo. Me he sentido identificada.


  2. Arron says:

    despues de consultar diferentes webs lo cierto es que tu
    post es el mas completo.


  3. Victor says:

    Hey Chan,

    I’d love for you to review a battery case that you never have to plug in. (No, it doesn’t use wireless charging.)

    What is your email/address? I’d love to send you a test case.



    1. Stephen Chan says:

      Hi there, I have dropped you an email. Thanks!


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